Science/Medical Content Writer

United States | News | Full-time | Fully remote

Apply by: Oct. 29, 2021

BioNews Employee Value Proposition
Be part of a special organization whose passion and culture are all about its patients. Contribute to helping our patient communities have a better quality of life. Learn about healthcare. Learn about rare diseases. Learn about publishing. Learn about research. Grow personally and professionally through direct engagement in how we deliver our services. Bring your passion to advocate for those living with rare diseases. Help spread awareness about the daily challenges that most will never have to face. We “live our culture”. Join us and make a difference. We are very proud of the fact that we employ actual rare disease patients who contribute to our business.

Who is BioNews
BioNews Services is a leading online health, science, publication, and research company that exists for one purpose: to serve the patient living with a rare disease. We do this by connecting them with current, trusted, and relevant news and information. This content is delivered regularly and provided by actual patients as well as professional journalists, writers, editors, scientists, and experienced media executives.  Our end customers are truly patients living with rare diseases. 

Our  Company Culture: 
BioNews has a professionally led culture that is based on our foundation to support individuals affected by rare diseases. This means we operate as a professional organization that includes a real-life Vision, Mission, and Values. We treat our associates as professional individuals. In a professional environment, we understand and believe our actions are better when done professionally through processes that include communications,  strategic planning, business planning, organization development, leadership development, learning and development, performance management, and other human resources processes. We practice consultative management and value collaboration and firmly believe that "none of us is as good as all of us.  

BioNews Vision
To empower, inspire, and champion the patient voice as the preeminent resource that serves to engage, inform, and connect the global rare disease community.

BioNews Purpose
We connect rare disease communities by providing a unified and distinctive space to engage, educate, and empower those affected by rare diseases to help improve patient health and quality of life.

Values: R.A.R.E.


Characteristics of people we’d like to be part of our team
Passionate about our culture. Engaging. Flexible. Interested in learning. Wants to be part of a growing, learning organization. 

Jop Opening Details: 

BioNews is looking for full-time science writers to join our growing news team! 

We are seeking individuals with PhDs in the life or natural sciences to write accurate and detailed news articles about new research, drug development, and other topics related to chronic and rare diseases. This role is open to U.S.-based writers who have prior experience in health/science/medical writing and are adept at taking complicated topics and conveying them accurately, simply, and clearly for a lay audience. If you are an experienced science or medical writer looking to make a difference, consider joining our news team, where our mission is to provide reliable and highly accurate content to chronic and rare disease communities who are typically underserved in terms of being able to access credible information that is relevant and easy for them to understand. 

BioNews publishes more than 40 sites, each dedicated to a different disease, most of which are rare. Our goal is to get necessary information out to readers, who are largely made up of patients and caregivers, so they can stay informed and be empowered to play a more active role in their quality of care. As a science writer for BioNews, you will be tasked with reporting on anything from preclinical research to FDA approvals, explaining studies, research, and clinical trial results clearly, accurately, and thoroughly in terms that non-scientists can understand. You will work closely with our team of editors to ensure drafts are complete and up to standards before publishing. A writing test is required to be considered for this position. 

Responsibilities and Duties: 

  • Write three 500-700-word articles daily for BioNews websites, with an emphasis on accuracy, clarity, and ease of understanding, on a wide variety of topics related to chronic and rare diseases.
  • Write well-researched resource pages on different disease topics as needed
  • Work with editors to ensure stories are accurate and thorough.
  • Be alert to potential problems with an assignment or its scope (i.e., evidence that a therapy assigned is no longer in active development), and address those concerns to editors.
  • Conduct background research as needed to flesh out topics and provide links to reputable sources for additional information. 
  • Work on special projects, including, but not limited to, conducting interviews with experts in the rare and chronic disease space, providing conference coverage, and working on therapy approval packages. 

Performance Expectations:

  • Write clean, accurate, easy-to-understand articles.
  • Craft interesting and compelling stories that appeal to our specific audiences and help to drive traffic.
  • Understand and be sensitive to the needs and sensibilities of BioNews' patient and caregiver readers and frame stories and topics accordingly.
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism and apply feedback to continually improve quality of work. 
  • Turn in consistent high-quality drafts that adhere to BioNews style standards.
  • Understand BioNews workflow and meet set deadlines.
  • Work effectively with teams across BioNews platforms.
  • Communicate any issues promptly to editors.

Education Required:

  • PhD in life or natural science disciplines (cell biology, neurology, molecular biology, microbiology, biomedical sciences, immunology, etc.); master’s degree in these disciplines may be considered with at least three years of prior professional health/science/medical writing experience

Knowledge Required:

  • Excellent communication (written and oral American English)
  • Ability to read, understand, and interpret scientific studies
  • Prior experience in health/medical/science writing for a lay audience
  • Proficiency with AP style preferred
  • Experience working in digital media a strong plus
  • Prior experience conducting interviews with experts in the chronic/rare disease space and attending/reporting on medical conferences also a plus.

Skills Required:

  • Deadline-oriented with excellent time-management skills
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills.
  • Detail-oriented, responsible, and reliable.
  • Capable and driven to learn new skills or technologies, or upgrade existing skills, relevant to a health (medical) writer.
  • Flexible and able to succeed in a self-directed, competitive, and changing work environment